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Screen wall

Monitoring multi devices at the same time

Monitor screens of serveral devices

Update frequency and block size can be adjusted.

Switch to control mode instantly

Monitoring multi screens from one device

Remote Desktop

For IT operation and maintenance, remote support, unattended operation

Ultrafast! Up to 60FPS in common resolution

Support windows keyboard, multi language IME, copy and paste

Print, file management, chat

Terminal server support, you can freely switch sessions

Remote audio mirroring

Local discovery

Monitor DPMS, turn off remote screen while operation, protect your privacy

Free draw on remote screen, makes your demonstration more lively and easy

Lock screen after disconnect from the remote connection

Screen recording, save in local disk or cloud

Multi screens

Multi controllers

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Establish enterprise virtual private network by pure software. Highly secured transportation, transparent for enterprise applications. Make it possible for direct sharing data between branches or partners.

Encrypted transportation, keep your connection secure

Easy to use. Build VPN in a few minutes

Platform Independent

aAccess your remote PC from mobile devices, PC, even a browser Great compatiblity

Camera accessing

Remotely watch your children or pets with a laptop build-in or external camera device

Voice monitoring

Support multi viewer and switchable multi camera

Resolution switchable

Brightness, Contrast, Clarity tunning

File management

Exchange files between local and remote device

Support delete, download, rename file on remote device

Support file transfer between local and remote device

Support pause and resume

Remote system management

A great tool for PC management, view or change system information and settings remotely.

System monitoring, manage events and processes

Manage system services, users and groups, sharing resources, environment variable

Applications management

CPU, memory information alert

Batch deployment

One key deployment to many devices

Create batch deployment packages

Zero configuration in client side

Define you prefix, easy to dispatch

Background update


Remote command line feature for Windows/Linux

Define your favorite commands

Save command histories

Shutdown and reboot

One key deployment to many devices

Shutdown and reboot your device remotely by just one touch

Over 38 million devices running sunlogin

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