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In technically ip camera support RTSP/H264 and run on linux system can integrate with Sunlogin service system . our Sunlogin products(IOS/Android/MacWindows/Web) can list and configure the ip camera. The amazing products is based on every litte progress we made. especially remote P2P and data forwarding.We get smooth and high quality images by RTSP transfer. at last Sunlogin process is individual and is not associated with the ip camera hardware.

Application Principle

Camera embed consist of four major modules: Camera module initialization/Alarm Monitoring/Sunlogin main process/Parameter Configuration……More


  • High integration

    Provide standard SDK/API integration

  • Smooth monitoring

    Boost H.264 transport protocol to
    ensure image quality and speed

  • Flexible monitoring methods

    Support mobile phone, tablet PC and computer monitor anywhere

Success Stories

  • Ambarella
    In 2013 Ambarella develop the IP camera that support Sunlogin to monitor.
  • Qualcomm
    In 2012 Qualcomm chip embedded sunlogin to achieve remote wake-up
  • Wake-up stick
    In 2012 Oray released the wakeup hardware - Sunlogin remote wake-up stick
  • Synology nas
    In 2013 NAS and router embedded in Sunlogin,easier to manage network device
  • Howell IP Camera
    In 2014, Embeded in Sunlogin remote camera function to accomplish remote monitor
Cooperation: Apply
The application principle of remote camera:

Camera embed consist of four major modules

1、Camera module initialization and installation
Permanent exist .The module will initialize the user’s behavior detection, including networking equipment(Through Sunlogin to configure AP user’s password and other configuration), Device’s sunlogin code and handle their own information or reports to the main process. At the same time the process starts a daemon script for monitoring key processes.
2、Alarm Monitoring
Permanent exist .The module will constantly detect movement and report to Sunlogin main process according to the user configuration
3、Sunlogin main process

Permanent exist . The provider of Sunlogin camera should complete the following functions:

a.Completing device initialization and equipment added.

b.Remain the connection with Sunlogin service, accept a variety of remote function call requests, including start-up Live Streaming(RTSP achieved by forwarding a local. And therefore required to provide services within RTSP camera)

c.With the second module complete the motion detection and upload the video to sunlogin cloud service

d.The fouth process is used to get and set device configuration

4、Parameter Configuration and monitor process
Not permanent exist.use standard input and output to call the main Sunlogin process to complete set of hardware parameters, such as H264 parameters, PTZ control, etc.

Note: 1,2,4 module, Oray will provide Demo, manufacturers write their own situation according to their own hardware; Or API provided by the equipment manufacturer or Oray