Open API and complete DEMO

Simple to embed

Fourmajor features boost our Remote control integration.
We offer full solution include specialized remote wake-up, remote control,
remote file transfer, remote management
95% of network penetration, 5 seconds to penetrate
Simple to remote control and penetrate without Port Mapping and public IP
1024SSL transmission encryption, P2P transfer
We are the first company in China get the Microsoft Logo Certification.
What’s more, Kingsoft 360 and Tencent recommend our product
0payment to embed your software
Free API and SDK document, simple apply process safe your time


Requirements Analysis

PC vendors and IT service providers are often faced with a large number of customer inquiries, they need to guide customers to install software, modify the configuration and remote maintenance computers.But different professional level and complexity of the problem result in many problems difficult to understand. Urgent need for remote assistance directly to the remote host or remote server for maintenance

Application principle


Sunlogin remote control functionality embedded, so that enterprises can be viewed by the customer service system embedded in Sunlogin remote functions quickly and accurately find the cause of the problem; simultaneously via Remote Assistance feature for users to quickly solve the problem. Greatly improves the processing efficiency and quality of customer inquiries, comparing not embedding Sunlogin save more than 13% customer service, greatly improving customer satisfaction

Success Stories

  • Tudu Talk
    Tudu Talk IM embed in the sunlogin remote control and remote file function
    SERVYOU GROUP customer service system embed our sunlogin remote control functions Apply